Experiment #1 – AM Meditation

The Experiment:

Daily 10 minute morning meditation for 30 days.


Seated meditation in the morning, preferably before work or tasks for 10 minutes. I chose 30 days so I could see how easy or hard it was through all phases of my hormonal cycle. I want to see if 10 minutes in the morning helps me transition more peacefully into my day.


In Progress (2/14/18 – 3/16/18)


Day 1:

It’s been a while since I have actually sat for a workday morning meditation. Was very twitchy and scattered. Felt good though to have done it.

Day 2:

Didn’t do it until mid-morning – got sucked into surfing and working but then a meltdown triggered the need. It was very helpful with the anxious feelings I’m dealing with.

Day 3:

Lots of ringing in my ears. Tension headache. Overall ending well, definitely calmer. Lots of planning thoughts kept coming. Open eyes definitely not for me, too much focusing, so not going to bother.

Day 5:

Barely caught it in time (11:25pm). Lots of tasks spinning in my head. Plans. Now I feel like doing stuff. Night me needs to give up so I can evoke morning me. I’ll be getting up at 6a tomorrow.

Day 7:

It’s supposed to be AM meditation. The last couple have been evening. It’s so much better in the morning I think. Will try tomorrow!

Day 8:

Did it in the morning. Fell asleep most of the time. Strange, especially since I did actually get about 8 hours of sleep. I think I need movement to keep me moving. Glad I did a morning med though. Feels good to have done something “right” even though I’m late doing everything else. Today I realized I wanted to add “Get a minimum of 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night for 30 days” as an experiment.


It lasted for just over a week and it fell out of my routine. I may try again later. Nothing wrong with meditation, and I do like the idea, but for now, I’ve had a lot of life stress and am trying to just wing it until things stabilize. Might start it again. Right now, morning meditation isn’t a right fit.

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