The Experiments

Figuring out how to do life my way, I need to make decisions based on real personal experience. There is so much advice in the world, so many people sharing their “expert” opinion it’s almost impossible to know what will work for me.

Time to go the science route – trial and error. Live and learn. So I’m going to pick some things, try them for a set amount of time, and report my findings. I got the idea from Dean Cain on his blog at It might get messy, but it should be interesting!

Experiment #1: Daily 10 minute AM meditation for 30 days.

Summary: Seated meditation in the morning, preferably before work or tasks for 10 minutes. I chose 30 days so I could see how easy or hard it was through all phases of my hormonal cycle.
Status: Active (February 14 – March 16)
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Experiment #2: 90 Days of blogging in a row.

Summary: Inspired by Shannon Crossman’s reading tips, I decided to spend 90 days writing. I chose one of my miscellaneous blogs to do it so it would be more freestyle and have less pressure to worry about who is reading. I actually started it before the idea of experiments, but since I’m in the middle of it, why not pay attention?
Status: Active (January 24 – April 23)
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