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Christmas Gifts

At first glance, my favorite Christmas gift is my new webcam from my husband. With it I am now able to have great online conversations with my mom and dad, whom I miss an awful lot! And I’m able to give them the “J5 fixes” they need. 😉

J5 and Mommy

The late bloomer gift is my new “The Message” New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, by Eugene H. Peterson. I’m just reading it from front to back. I doubt I’ll use it as a study Bible, but then that was not what it was written for. I’m only in as far as Matthew 14, but I am really enjoying it! I don’t struggle to keep my mind focused – of course I still struggle to have a few uninterrupted moments to sit and read, but that has less to do with the book than it does with a certain 2-year-old…

In talking with Beth last night, I realized that my life needs “exercise and church”. I am going to try to find a way to get connected with one of the churches around here. Most likely, I’ll try to go to CCC. I want to get into another small group and they have morning women’s groups with child care. As for the exercise, I dug out my pedometer (I was allowing it to dry out after a trip through the washing machine). I don’t know yet what I want to do, but mostly I want to get my step count up out of the triple digits…

Sadly, I will be in church tomorrow for the funeral of my Great-Aunt Millie (My Grandma Forman’s sister). She was killed in a car accident on Christmas Eve. She was a super sweet lady. I will be happy to see all the family again. It seems that’s what brings us all together lately. The last time I saw this whole group was at my Grandma Forman’s funeral. It’s that generation shift. Family gatherings don’t seem as big as they used to, but maybe that’s just because I’m one of the grown-ups now.

Well, I’d best be going. My 15 minutes of rest are about up and I need to get back to the “Today” list that keeps growing.


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Disgusted, ashamed and saddened

I have been following the blog of a woman who was doing a review of churches in her area. She made my blogroll because I was so impressed with the study she was doing.

And I just found out today that yesterday she decided to discontinue posting her travels because she felt threatened.

By church members.

She had concern for her personal safety.

From church members.

Because she was doing something that every person should do. Decide for themselves. This woman was doing a study and attending churches unannounced, then posting her findings on her blog.

She was not attacking. She was exercising her free right to attend a gathering of Seventh-Day Adventists on Sabbath, and non-Adventist church on Sunday, and sharing what she experienced. She was doing a thesis on a related topic.

How did discussing the welcome she received, or the lack thereof become something to make her a target?

This woman is a self-proclaimed Seventh-Day Adventist. She wasn’t out to destroy the church, but to learn for herself what other churches have that hers didn’t. And she publicized what she was learning.

I am a 4th generation SDA. Meaning, I am the fourth generation in my family line (on both sides) to be born into families that are members of the SDA church. I do not currently attend church. I have been to a few SDA churches in my area and none have been a good fit. I have attended a local non-denom church, CCC, and may go there again in the future.

I have been reading up on the Progressive SDA movement as the main issues that I have had with the SDA church (some of the fundamental 28 that I don’t quite, or in some cases don’t outright agree with), seem to be less “expected”. Not sure yet what to think…