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Happy 37th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

You guys rock!

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How I know my husband loves me!!

About a week or two ago, I came to the realization that I desperately needed a Dust Buster. I don’t know why it took so long. If you know me, you’ll realize that I’m not a gadget buyer. I don’t like to shop (hate it, hate it, HATE IT!). J4 and I are the epitome of practicality.

So, it was pretty big when I declared this need for a powerful Dust Buster. I think it was about the 479th smooshed goldfish cracker into the play mat that triggered it.

Anyway…a couple of days later, as I was heating up the oven, AGAIN, for two measly chicken nuggets for J5, I realized that an appliance that would significantly increase the efficiency of my life would be a toaster oven. I have never owned one. I wasn’t even sure if I would know how to use one (but was certain it would come with directions in so many languages that I would not fail!)

Well, starting last Friday, J5 got sick with the sniffles. I got hit with some sort of tummy flu-bug. Then J5 got a fever. We got him drugs. Then after recovering from bug #1, I started to come down with the stuff J5’s had. The last two days have been sheer misery.

This afternoon, while J5 was taking his nap, J4 offered to go out and pick up some emergency groceries and some soup.

As if that wasn’t wonderful enough, my amazing man came home with these:



Does that not just scream “I love my wife!!!”? He heard me say what I really wanted / needed, and he not only went out and found both items, but I certainly could not have picked out anything better! He spent quite a bit of time looking at different models (that “hell” better known as “shopping”) and based on what I’d described as my needs, picked out precisely what would do the trick!

People, this was better than a dozen roses and a box of chocolates!!! I kid you not. I just had to share. I am seriously the luckiest woman in the world.

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Book Review – Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands – Rating: 5 out of 5

The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

My Dad gave my sister and me each a copy of this book a couple of years ago and said that the only thing he wanted for his birthday that year was for us to read it and take it to heart. So I did.

I just finished re-reading it.

Content: 5
Writing Style: 5
Re-readability: 5

Content. I’m not a fan of Dr. Laura. Can’t really stand to listen to her. She’s too much of a know-it-all but that’s what she’s paid for. This book is actually a compilation of contributions from her male listeners.

Writing Style. This book is a great bathroom book. And by that, I mean you can pick it up and read for shorter periods of time. Definitely good for new moms too, as we don’t have hours on end to read and focus.

Re-readability. Awesome. I plan to re-read this book every couple of years. I think my hubby and I have a really good relationship, but I realized after reading this book again that it’s easy to fall back into a selfish mode and expect him to be one of my girlfriends. He’s not. He never will be. And to be honest, I never want him to be!!

I recommend this book to any woman who is (or ever plans to be) in a relationship with a man.