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February 2, 2019

I just love weekends. I think I appreciate them even more the older I get. Maybe it’s not age related, but I find that I am starting to use them to do things I enjoy rather than just recover from the work week.

This weekend it’s been more decluttering — Marie Kondo style. I’m not following her process to the letter, but I have to tell you, there truly is something zen-like in folding clothes they way that she does. It has changed my attitude toward doing laundry. The slow, methodical, tactile process is very soothing, and provides a present moment space. I highly recommend it.

As for other tasks this weekend, I am loathe to admit just how much a creature of habit I am. At least twice a year I re-arrange my study. It forces me to go through things that have piled up and it’s a fresh perspective. Being somewhat geeky, we have Visio layouts of the rooms in our home and our furniture to pre-plan. I had a rough idea of the layout I wanted. As I flipped through the last few layouts, I realized I was about to move to the layout I had created the same time last year. **shrug** If it works it works, right?

Weekends are also my time for meal planning. I’ve gotten on a roasted veggie kick lately. This week I’m going to make another roasted squash/sweet potato bisque. It turned out really well last time. It’s probably more carbs than the ideal meal, but Mmmm-MMMM is it a wonderful wintertime comfort food! I’ll try to take some pics to share if it turns out good. (It will.)

We watched Groundhog Day this evening – J5’s first time through it. It’s another one that has been added to our family holiday movie list (in addition to Die Hard on Christmas). That movie is now 26 years old. Crazy.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy 45°F. A 70-degree change in less than a week. I pray this not a harbinger of things to come.

And on that note, good night!


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February 1, 2019

So, I had a phone job interview today. It felt pretty good. I have a couple of irons in the fire and I am spending my time taking seminars and self-study courses. I am also resting. I feel like I might have a mild case of PTSD. I have some down time to catch up on. 2018 was a hard year. It was hard on my body and my spirit.

I listened to a podcast that inspired me. It flipped some switches and got some gears turning. I love when that happens. I see more change in my near future. In a good way this time. It’s time. I’m stepping into my own shoes and they seem to fit. Let’s see what happens when I start to walk in them.

My dog has been drooling and barfing this evening. Not all that interesting blog info, but it’s part of what’s going on with me and so here I share.

Happy February!