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40 Things Before 40

I was wandering around the blogosphere and came across someone who had written a 40 Things I want to do before I turn 40. As I am now 36 years old, I started thinking there might be a few things I want to do in the next 4 years. It’s the closet thing to a “5-year” plan that I’ve thought about making. My goals tend to be SO much more short term, and usually of the “I think I’d like to…” nature.

So, anyway, without rambling on too much more, here’s my list:

  1. Fit into a size “S” something…anything…
  2. Go to Disney World with my family – Scheduled for December 2008
  3. Go on an romantic getaway / cruise / vacation
  4. Find a church home – Now attending CCC
  5. Turn our lawn into something beautiful
  6. Plant flowers in front of our home
  7. Have a small flower/vegetable garden
  8. Visit the Brookfield Zoo
  9. Finish my book lists – both fiction and non-fiction
  10. Finish my sampler crochet blanket
  11. Write my will
  12. Lose 70 lbs
  13. Get my hair cut in an actual “style” – perhaps even a short (**gasp** ) one!
  14. Come up with more things for this list

[ETA: I think I’ll not set my goal quite so high, or I’ll spend the next 4 years trying to come up with what to do and spend none of it actually DOING it.]

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I am Elizabeth Bennet!

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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Spring Reading Thing

Hey all! Katrina, over at Calapidder Days is hosting the Spring Reading Thing. If you’re a reader, why don’t you head on over there and check it out. It starts March 21.

A Bloggity Book Club Extravaganza!!

Over at BooMama’s place we’re gonna read Beth Moore’s new book, “Get Out of That Pit!“, which just happened to already be Book #3 on my 2007 book list, and I started reading it just about an hour or so before her post came out!

If you wish to learn more about this gathering of readers and bloggers, just click on the button above or click here! I can’t wait to get into this one. Beth is just about one of my favorite ladies to listen to. Now that she has entered the blogging world with The Living Proof Ministries Blog with her daughter Amanda, she just seems that much closer and more personal!

Johari Window – Just for Fun

Reading the Healed Waters blog, I came across the concept of the Johari Window. I’d read about this before, a while back, in blogland. Teacher Lady’s blog, if I remember right. [Added: Yes, I was right. I first read about it here.])

Anyway, I’ve set up my own interactive Johari Window, and if you know me at all, I’d love it if you’d contribute by clicking HERE, and then choosing the 5 or 6 words that you think best describe me.

If you set one up for yourself, send me a note, I’d be happy to reciprocate! If I get any results, I’ll post again with the link to the chart.

UPDATE: View the updated results here. (I’ll post the graph when enough time has passed for no new entries.)


Thanks to a friend of mine, I now at least have a place to play