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Who do I follow?

I recently had another dethroning of one of my idols. I have the tendency to look for people who have what I want and idolize them. A fitter body, a cleaner house, a more faithful devotional life.

One by one, my idols have fallen out of my grace. It’s no fault of their own. They are after all, just human. God is just letting me see their humanity, sometimes in rather painful ways, in order to get my attention. You see, He’s the one I’m supposed to be following. He does not want to share my focus. He is a jealous God.

The hard part for me of course is that I like rules. I like the freedom of feeling like all will be well if I just follow the “rules” provided by [insert guru of your choice here]. I want to be guaranteed that if I do A, B and C, I will be rewarded with X, Y, and Z. But I am learning that life is not like that. At least not in the tangible. God does give promises, but what he promises is not about things or activities or circumstances. It’s about His presence, His protection, His control.

So, I am once again seeking to fill a recently vacated position of leadership in my life. I know God is the only candidate, but I’m going to have to adapt the position to suit.

Poverty has not been my experience, but God has allowed in the lives of each of us some sort of loss, the withdrawal of something we valued, in order that we may learn to offer ourselves a little more willingly, to allow the touch of death on one more thing we have clutched so tightly, and thus know fullness and freedom and joy that much sooner. We’re not naturally inclined to love God and seek His Kingdom. Trouble may help to incline us – that is, it may tip us over, put some pressure on us, lean us in the right direction.
– Elisabeth Elliot, in Keep a Quiet Heart, p. 39

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A couple of things…

I thought I’d take a few minutes to share some things that I’ve found that some of you might enjoy:

  • FlyLady Jumpcut videos. Marla Cilley has created a 5 part video series on how she cleaned up her cluttered spare room in 15 minute increments. The link will take you to all her videos. Scroll down to get to the first of the series. I really enjoyed these because you can see how real she is – and how truly possible it is to clean a la FlyLady!
  • Tales from The Scales – Loser of the Week. I’ve joined the May Day Weight Loss Challenge being hosted by these gals. They just started to post interviews with those who have been successful in their challenges. Read Jan’s story here.

Have a great Sunday!

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FlyLady Holiday Tips – It’s not too late!

For any of you who are struggling with Holiday plans, you can watch FlyLady’s Tip of the Day on the website.

You can also download her Holiday Control Journal from her website for FREE! She has several other control journals as well. Enjoy!

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Getting back up when things have slipped can be so hard. FlyLady is such an inspiration. Her most loving words, included in every message from her are,

“You are not behind! I don’t want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?”

Do you know how wonderful that concept is? If there’s anyone out there who gets overwhelmed, who has suffered from depression, who is a procrastinator…this message can be for you too.

Just jump in. There’s no score card. There’s no grade at the end of the semester that you have to kill yourself to recover. Just jump in. Today. Right now. Right here.

And for those of us who have some “Body Clutter” to lose, the same goes. Waiting until tomorrow to start something good for yourself will never get it accomplished. Whether it’s going to bed right now ’cause it’s late and you need sleep, or whether it’s taking a walk around the block to give your lungs and heart a little bit of exercise, there is no time like the present!!

Just do it! Jump!

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What else can I not do today?

Ok, I have become the queen of procrastination. I am a reasonably intelligent woman. I have my Bachelors Degree in Accounting. I am capable of doing our taxes.

But I don’t want to.

But neither do I want us to pay over $200 to someone else to do it. It’s not like we’ve lived this overly complicated financial life. Our biggest change is J5.

For two weeks straight I’ve told myself I would just sit down an DO them. Just read through the booklet and put the numbers where they need to be.

And here I sit, blogging about it while the forms sit spread across my desk in front of me. Blog, blog, blog. I am going to put J5 down for his nap, set my timer in true Fly fashion, and work on them for 15 minutes. I can do this.

I really can.


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Spreadsheets, and charts and graphs…oh my!

Ok, for those of you who know me well, you know I have a special place in my heart for Microsoft Excel. I love to make charts and graphs!

Well, using FlyLady’s Body Clutter Investigator I created a way to score how well I’m doing during the day. I have learned that when I get a “grade” above 80, my weight goes down. When it’s lower than that, I maintain or gain.

Since one of the things that frustrates me most when I try to improve my physical condition is not knowing for sure what to do. I get overwhelmed with all the things I could do, and end up doing nothing. Or, even worse, I try to do everything.

The stuff on the list is simple. Eat 3 meals, eat 2 snacks, drink enough water, get enough sleep, exercise in some fashion, take vitamins, don’t eat after dinner. That plus my GDM diet is making all the difference in the world!

I think I am posting this mostly for the reminder so when I get overwhelmed and stop paying attention to myself, I’ll have a place to go. Also see Doing What Works…

Have a great night, all!

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Depression + FlyLady = Survival

I’m so excited! I got new “lace up” shoes tonight. For those of you who know FlyLady, the lace up shoes are pretty much the most powerful part her message.

Well, since I’ve been working at home, these shoes have been my constant source of inspiration. If I get dressed to my shoes, the day works so much more smoothly. There is something indescribable, some nuance, a little nudge that the lace-up shoes give me that get me through the roughest of days.

Well, as I sat down for the hundredth time to play with J5, I realized just how bad these little sources of inspiration had gotten. So, tonight when we took the whole family to Target for a much needed shopping trip, I splurged a crazy $12.99 and got myself these beauties!

I was diagnosed with Post-partum Depression back in December. FlyLady has been a huge influnce on me. Her theme of “Finally Loving Yourself” has been such a blessing. While her initial message has been about how to manage your home through simple routines and BabySteps, she wrote a book, which I mentioned earlier, Body Clutter.

I am already seeing a difference. I was down 2 lbs. from yesterday! Woo-Hoo! I guess I doing what works…works!