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Happy Fathers’ Day!!

We hosted the Fathers’ Day BBQ at our house on Saturday. We had a wonderful time! It was a little toasty, but it was really nice to have everyone together. And without further ado, I would like to honor the Fathers in my life.

Three generations of J’s (J3, J4 and J5)
J3, J4 and J5

My Dad, J5 and me:
My Dad, J5 and me

My boys and J4’s new drums:
My boys and J4’s new drums

I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful family who all get along so very well together! I just wish we lived a little closer together.


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Happy Mothers’ Day

My Mothers’ Day morning started with J4 getting up with J5 and allowing me to sleep in. (Heaven!) Then I got a beautiful Vermont Teddy Bear from J5 (thanks for helping him, Daddy). Those bears are awesome! I’ve collected Teddy Bears over the years and this is one awesome bear – which comes with a lifetime guarantee. If he ever gets damaged, you can send him to the bear “hospital” and he’ll get all better!

This afternoon we will be spending with the in-laws. I hope all of you have a relaxing, family-filled Mom’s Day!

And I would like to wish a Happy Mothers’ Day to my Mom. Here’s a picture of her with J5. (Thanks for all the help last weekend, Mom – you guys were AWESOME!!)

Grandma J & J5

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Why another blog?

Ok, so I already have my Random Wanderings (public), and I have J5’s Blog (invitation only), so why do I need a THIRD blog? Well, ’cause I guess I want to stay public for all my mommy-blog linking and stuff, but still want to blog about my spiritual journey out here in blog-land.

So, here goes another, less filtered, more raw stuff that is going on in my head.

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My Favorite Thanksgiving Things

Taking FlyLady’s example, I’ve decided to list a few of my favorite Thanksgiving things:

  1. That perfect single bite that contains a juicy piece of turkey, my mom’s gravy and some cranberry jelly.
  2. Pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream
  3. Mom’s FriChik stuffing
  4. Hours of family time with no thought of work
  5. The Wednesday night before – the anticipation of four full days off ahead of me.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving things?

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You are in our hearts and prayers, Troy!

My brother-in-law is currently in Iraq. My sister, niece and nephew anxiously await his safe return. I am so proud of his service over there, but I can’t wait until he can return home.

My mother sent me this link tonight. It’s one of the better tributes to our troops that I have seen.

Until then…God bless.

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College & retirement

Gosh, I feel old. We just got back from the bank where we talked to the banker about setting up a college fund for J5 and retirement funds for us. We’ve got enough time to get it started, but wow. I feel like I should have been investing for the future for many years now…

I guess the way I grew up was that Jesus was probably going to return before I became an adult, so we wouldn’t have to worry about things like retirement. Is it an un-Christian thing to save and invest money for the future? Where does tithe fit in? Does it matter whether it goes to a formal church fund or can it go to any charitable organization?

I haven’t been an active SDA for a long time. I’ve attended CCC off and on for several years. Will be going again tomorrow with a friend. I think I’ll be glad to go back.

Is tithe discretionary?