Hey, I’m nice! And so are they…

[Ok, this is a really cool way to end a day (or actually…start one…it’s after midnight). I was starting to write this post about my friend Janice awarding me the award below, and then I checked my email and found that my friend Kerry, at and baby makes four, also awarded me the same! So, because it’s late, I’m going to leave the beginning of the post, and continue down at the bottom. Thanks to both of you!!]

Janice, from 5 Minutes For Mom, just gave me this really cool award!

Nice Matters Award

Janice and Susan (her twin sister) run this really awesome site, 5 Minutes For Mom, which is the parent site for Faith Lifts, the site I have been helping with for the past few months.

I honestly don’t know where this button or award originated, but here’s the story:

“This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve been awarded please pass on to five others whom you feel are deserving of this award”.

So, here are my five (the first five that came to mind, but I know a lot of really nice bloggers out there!):

[ETA: I’m going to mention 10, but some of them are return mentions and don’t really need to trigger any sort of feedback loop!]

  1. Amy S – Journey to Kazakhstan – A dear friend of mine who is journaling her journey through international adoption.
  2. Shannon – Your Memories Quilted – Another IRL friend who is just starting out in the blogging world, sharing her love of quilting, stitching, and her family.
  3. Tamera – Join Me On My Journey – A blogosphere friend. I found her blog on a wander and was so inspired with her writing that I knew we had to have her at Faith Lifts!
  4. Amy M – Mums The Wurd/LadyBug Picnic – A mommy IRL friend from the pregnant days, who is now a busy SAHM, raising a cutie pie, and running a review blog
  5. Kerry – and baby makes four – A mommy friend IRL, with two adorable little boys. Honorable mention.
  6. Mike – Something About Parenting – A daddy blogger and creative photographer. (Sorry the award is so frilly!)
  7. Janice & Susan – 5 Minutes For Mom – Honorable mention. Right back at ya gals! May you find the child care you need before you double the population in your home!!
  8. Heather – Especially Heather – The girl who brought me into the Faith Lifts and MOG communities with her humor and morning chats. In the few short months I’ve known her, her life has spun around in circles, and thanks to God, she has landed on her feet.
  9. Laura – The Joyful Mom – Though she tends to be the more silent partner in the Heather/Laura web ventures (they co-founded Faith Lifts and MOG), Laura’s creativity and passion inspire me to be more responsive to my family’s needs.
  10. Lynn – Spiritually Unequal Marriage – Another friend via the blogosphere, Lynn has covered me in prayer more times than I can count. The best kind of friend you can have!

Ok, that about sums it up. Thank you again for the kind thoughts and please, spread it around!


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