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Well, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for a while now. Tried to do some pruning of my internet time and extracurricular activities. I’m not exactly “back” but realized that my own blog is the place I want to be.

I am going to jump into the Thin Within world with both feet and am joining the Tales From the Scales challenge midstream. They do what I was trying to do with Healthy For the Holidays 2007 – but much, much better!

J5 came down with croup Wednesday night and yesterday we ended up having to take him to the ER to get a steroid treatment. It was a really rough day, but he’s doing better. He slept through the night last night and that makes me greatly relieved. Breathing is not something to mess around with!!

I have tons of pics that I eventually want to put here. I realized that all my journaling would be more pleasantly served with illustration. And it would make for nice memories!

Since I’ve sent out the large majority of my Christmas cards, I guess it’s probably safe to share the photo from it. I’m going to scan one later for memory-keeping, but for now, here’s my happy family:

Christmas 2007

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My brain is getting old…

Being influenced by my friend Beth, I am working on memorizing Romans 5:1-11 (the verses that I quoted a few days ago).  There’s no better way to write it on my heart, than to ingrain it on my brain, right?

Are there any verses that you have found have changed your life when memorized and meditated on?

We’ve been having a discussion on what it means to have a renewing of our mind.  I think this is one good step in the right direction.

Time to allow God to do the New Thing!

Now, if I can just get my rusty gears turning.  This mommy brain of mine is a lot more fuzzy than it used to be!

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Healthy for the Holidays – 2007 Exercise Challenge


Welcome to the Healthy for the Holidays 2007 Exercise Challenge!

The guidelines & plans are simple:

  1. You want to do something to improve your health
  2. You’d like to set a goal for yourself to be measured between now and the upcoming holidays.
  3. You want to have fun and share your progress with others who are working right along side you!
  4. The Challenge will run from September 10 – December 9 (90-days)
  5. I will post any tickers you care to share on the H4H status page
  6. Reply to this post in order to join in. I will email you the button code to link to the status page.
  7. You can set whatever challenge you want for your self – miles walked, pounds lost, minutes exercised – it’s up to you!
  8. (I’ll add extra stuff here as we go – in case questions come up.)
Disclaimer stuff: Always consult a physician prior to doing any new exercise, diet, etc. I’m not responsible for any crazy stuff anyone chooses to do that results in injuries, and the like. Also, I reserve the right to remove anything from my blog that is inappropriate.
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May Day Challenge – Weigh In

(Ok, so I’m a day late, but I’m going to pretend I got this post in on time.)

I am happy at (0/0)! (And technically, since I’m really writing this on Wednesday, the 18th, I’m down another pound.) Woo hoo!!

This past week was a frustrating one, as my weight climbed up three, but came back down, so I’m feeling good even though the net change is 0.

I started a new Bible Study on eating God’s way (The Lord’s Table) – and I attribute my 3 lb loss to God and God alone!! I have faith and hope that this new direction my body is taking will continue as I “put all my eggs in HIS basket”.

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Summer Exercise Challenge – Status

Summer 2007 Exercise Challenge LogoJust thought I’d post a status about the Summer 2007 Exercise Challenge.

I’m still doing Leslie Sansone’s In Home Walking on DVD. My exercise plan detail is tracked in a Google Spreadsheet.

Click on my exercise ticker below, to hop over to mamabright’s challenge details:

Happy Walking!

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May Day Challenge – Weigh In

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHolding steady. Did we expect otherwise? Ugh.

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A couple of things…

I thought I’d take a few minutes to share some things that I’ve found that some of you might enjoy:

  • FlyLady Jumpcut videos. Marla Cilley has created a 5 part video series on how she cleaned up her cluttered spare room in 15 minute increments. The link will take you to all her videos. Scroll down to get to the first of the series. I really enjoyed these because you can see how real she is – and how truly possible it is to clean a la FlyLady!
  • Tales from The Scales – Loser of the Week. I’ve joined the May Day Weight Loss Challenge being hosted by these gals. They just started to post interviews with those who have been successful in their challenges. Read Jan’s story here.

Have a great Sunday!

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May Day Challenge – Weigh In

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI so badly do not want to write this post today, but I am here. And I am pressing on.

I am back up 2 to my original weight. My weight is jumping around like a water drop on a hot skillet. Ugh.

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May Day Challenge – Weigh In

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI never cease to amaze me. (0/-2)

No change this week. Nada. Zippo. Zilch.

But I’ve been working out and I feel good! So there!! 😉

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May Day Challenge – Weigh In

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI am amazed at my ability to not waver in the least in my weight. I’m encouraged, though. This past weekend (Fathers’ Day) was filled with some SERIOUS indulgence to the point of pain. So, I guess when you pair that with an increased level of activity, you get “maintenance”. Too bad I really want to be in “loss” mode. 🙂

It will come.