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Book Review – Revengers – Rating 6 of 10

by David Valdes Greenwood

Why this book?
The author is a friend of a friend, and I saw a FB post that made me want to read. I was super excited to dig in when it came. It did take me quite a while to read it. I fell out of my “reading mode” while mid-book and that did make it hard to finish. Overall, it was pretty good. Not sure I will continue with the series though.

Score Summary

  • Content: 7
  • Writing Style: 8
  • Re-readability: 4
  • Busy Life Scale: 5
My Review
Snackable? Not particularly. In fact I had to re-read a couple of chapters because I’d lose the flow of the scene. I don’t expect snackability with good fiction.
“Lundie” ending? No, and this really pissed me off. I wanted to keep reading the series, but won’t try right away if at all. Character attachment is huge for me, and if the loss of a character is too painful, I’m out.
Best thing? It was an interesting plot with the mysterious books and the dreams linking the characters together. I was quickly interested in following them through the adventure. I really did care about the protagonists. That’s a win.
Worst thing? The thing that made it not a “Lundie ending” of course, but no spoilers. In general though, there was a background thread of condemnation of their choices that I picked up throughout. Of course revenge is bad, but I wasn’t sure where the good/bad lines were supposed to be drawn. The wrap up at the end left me confused.
In some cases that could push me to buy the next book and keep moving forward, but that wasn’t the case here.

Please check out my Book Review Page if you want more details on the meanings of my categories and number scale. Thanks!

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My Fall Into Reading 2008 List

Fall Into Reading 2008


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Welcome!! I’m so excited for this motivational challenge. I have a nice stack of books in my “To Read” and “Am Reading” piles and I really want to make some headway in the next couple of months!

I will be updating this post over the duration of the challenge since I regularly write reviews. If you come back and check on me, I’ll be adding links to those reviews for easier reference.

Thanks for coming by Lundie’s Life, I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay. You’re welcome any time!

Without further ado, here’s my Fall Into Reading 2008 List:


Wounded: A Love Story Cover Wounded: A Love Story

by Claudia Mair Burney


I received this book to review for CFBA. I posted a book announcement on it, and when I have completed this book, I will post a review.
Painted Dresses Cover Painted Dresses

by Patricia Hickman


I received this book to review for CFBA. I posted a book announcement on it, and when I have completed this book, I will post a review.
When The Soul Mends Cover When the Soul Mends

by Cindy Woodsmall

I received this book to review for CFBA. I will be posting a book announcement on it this week, and when I have completed teh book, I will post a review.

Non Fiction

Soul Revolution Cover Soul Revolution

by John Burke


Back in August I attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. John Burke spoke at this conference and explained the 60-60 Experiment he was doing at his church. After finally tracking down an advanced copy (Thanks Mike at Zondervan – you rock!), I am doing the challenge and reading this book. I’m also mini-blogging over at the website. I hope to lead an alternative Bible study group through our church once the book is available to the public.
The 4:8 Principle Cover The 4:8 Principle

by Tommy Newberry


I’m participating in Connections, a women’s bible study, at our church, and I joined the group that is reading this book. I’m really excited about this book too! It’s really hard to have so many good books and so little time to read them!
Get Thin, Stay Thin Cover Get Thin, Stay Thin

by Arthur and Judy Halliday


I’ve read this book before, a long time ago, when it was titled “Thin Again”. I get so easily distracted when the content gets hard and really want to finish it once and for all. 🙂 My Sweet Child of His blog is where I journal my progress using the Halliday’s Thin Within method of eating.
Wild Goose Chase Cover Wild Goose Chase

by Mark Batterson


I received this book as part of a promotional blog tour from Multnomah Books, a division of Random House. I posted a book announcement on it, and when I’ve completed it, I will write a review.