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We’re gearing up to send J5 to preschool, starting this week. It’s been a bit of a rough transition for me as I prepare for my little boy to stop being my really little boy, to a big one. Backpack, and notebook, markers and crayons, paints and glue have been purchased. Schedules set. Lives changing.

It will be good. It will.

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I feel awful, HOORAY!

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Happy Mothers’ Day

We love you Mom!
Happy Mothers’ Day

Mom Judy & Lundie
Mom Judy & Lundie
Mom Pinner & John
Mom Pinner & John

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Mothers’ Day 2008 Giveaway at 5M4M

Mothers Day 2008 - Giveaway Event

When you have a chance, please go check out and get yourself signed up to win one of many cool prizes!

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I have so many Christmas photos to go through from my trip back home, but I just HAD to share this one that makes my heart warm every time I see it. My son and my father:

J5 and Dad J
Merry Christmas

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Well, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for a while now. Tried to do some pruning of my internet time and extracurricular activities. I’m not exactly “back” but realized that my own blog is the place I want to be.

I am going to jump into the Thin Within world with both feet and am joining the Tales From the Scales challenge midstream. They do what I was trying to do with Healthy For the Holidays 2007 – but much, much better!

J5 came down with croup Wednesday night and yesterday we ended up having to take him to the ER to get a steroid treatment. It was a really rough day, but he’s doing better. He slept through the night last night and that makes me greatly relieved. Breathing is not something to mess around with!!

I have tons of pics that I eventually want to put here. I realized that all my journaling would be more pleasantly served with illustration. And it would make for nice memories!

Since I’ve sent out the large majority of my Christmas cards, I guess it’s probably safe to share the photo from it. I’m going to scan one later for memory-keeping, but for now, here’s my happy family:

Christmas 2007

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Why I don’t blog more…

Remember last week when I complained about not having enough time to blog?

And then, a day or so later I actually posted a somewhat long review on Amy Grant’s new book?

Well…that’s not going to happen again any time soon.

Why, you ask?

Because THIS is what happens when mommy takes 10 minutes to herself while her toddler plays quietly in the other room, and DOESN’T CHECK ON HIM…..

CLICK to see Full Size
Soap everywhere

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Being a Mom

The past couple of days have been on auto-pilot. I haven’t been able to be very proactive about ANYTHING. I really dislike those days. The kind where you move in a blur, just responding, reacting, coping. I am hoping that today will be different. But I can already feel that it’s not. Except that I am blogging. I am choosing to take a few moments and sit and drink coffee and write.

Ok, I have a question. Am I a horrible mother to not be on the Yo Gabba Gabba train? I saw commercials of this atrocity and knew I wouldn’t allow it in my home. I have watched a portion of one episode, just to see if the show itself was as bad as the commercials and my captivation was not unlike being unable to turn away from the wreckage of a bad car accident. It’s like Teletubbies on crack. I don’t mind Teletubbies. It’s simple, inane, but calm. Do toddlers really need something MORE to amp them up? They don’t have enough energy as it is? Oy.

Ok, enough rant for one day.

I’m very excited, my mom is on the train right now, on her way to spend the day with us. In fact, she just called to give me the “20 minute warning” so I don’t get sidetracked and miss picking her up (which I have done…almost). I guess you never stop having to mom your kids in some respect or another – even when they are in their 30s!!


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I’m not hard of hearing, just distracted. Lord, let my mind point my ears at what matters most. I am so capable of both tuning out and picking up every nuance, it all depends on where my mind is. My attention needs to be clearly focused on this moment, this circumstance, for it is only in the NOW that I have any power to affect change. It is only NOW that I can be aware and responsive.

It can be hard to balance the desire to be the Proverbs 31 woman, with busyness and overplanning. Life needs to happen too, not just plans for life.

The nuance is my focus. Where is my mind? Am I looking people in the eye? Am I actively participating in the conversation? Or am I planning other things, focusing only on my next thoughts or my busy actions?

As I spend more time planning homeschool educational activities for my son, I realize that I need to connect with him more. Not just as a mommy voice hovering over the top of his head, but down on his level – eye to eye. Just like Jesus did with us.

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Happy Mothers’ Day

My Mothers’ Day morning started with J4 getting up with J5 and allowing me to sleep in. (Heaven!) Then I got a beautiful Vermont Teddy Bear from J5 (thanks for helping him, Daddy). Those bears are awesome! I’ve collected Teddy Bears over the years and this is one awesome bear – which comes with a lifetime guarantee. If he ever gets damaged, you can send him to the bear “hospital” and he’ll get all better!

This afternoon we will be spending with the in-laws. I hope all of you have a relaxing, family-filled Mom’s Day!

And I would like to wish a Happy Mothers’ Day to my Mom. Here’s a picture of her with J5. (Thanks for all the help last weekend, Mom – you guys were AWESOME!!)

Grandma J & J5