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I review books for fun. I have done it for a long time, then found out publishers will give you books to review for free. That’s just INSANE!
Anyway, I took a bit of a blog hiatus, and am now slowly moving my way back into the rhythm. As I do so, I feel the need to revise my reviewing strategy. I’m currently using the following 1 to 10 stars scale, based on the book’s genre.

9-10 stars = “Go buy it right now!!! I am thinking about getting it for my Kindle too!”
7-8 stars = “Add it to your wish list ASAP. I’m keeping mine.”
5-6 stars = “Yeah, I enjoyed it. I’ll pass it on.”
3-4 stars = “Glad I didn’t pay for it! (Or if I did, you can have mine if you still want to read it.)”
1-2 stars = “Don’t bother. I won’t even burden you with my copy.”

Also, I am asking this predefined set of questions about the book. Here’s what I mean by the questions:

My Review
Snackable? As a busy mom, I want to know how easy it is to pick up this book and read a snippet. If I get interrupted 20 times in the 20 minutes, am I going to have to count it a loss, or am I able to read a bite, enjoy it, and move on?
“Lundie” ending? This is something that movies got dubbed with. If a movie doesn’t have a Lundie ending, I probably won’t watch it. Movies like “Message in a Bottle” and “City of Angels” are the two movies that have what is clearly NOT a “Lundie ending”. I don’t want to leave a book feeling worse than I did before. I will qualify that by saying that not all books have to end rosy and sunshiny and in a tidy package. But killing off character after character that I like is a quick way for me to stop caring about them at all.
Best thing? The biggest thing about this book that would cause me to recommend it to other readers.
Worst thing? The biggest thing about this book that I want to warn other readers about. WARNING: May occasionally contain spoilers.

Renovations still in progress…

UPDATE: August 2017. I stopped reviewing books for publishers as I lost interest in the genre I was involved in. I haven’t tried to re-engage any publishers for books – life is even fuller than before and I’m fine with buying the book just to support the author. May try to finally get this page working the way I want. We’ll see. For now I’m just dabbling. Cheers!

The old stuff…if you really want to keep scrolling. This stuff is ANCIENT.

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Read, but not yet reviewed:

Before I Wake, Dee Henderson
Echoes (Secrets series #3), Kristen Heitzmann

Read & Reviewed:

    Title Date
Rating Link to
Cause of Death Book Cover Cause of Death, Patricia Cornwell 02/07 8.3/10 Review
Danger in the Shadows, Dee Henderson 02/07 9/10 Review
Halos, Kristen Heitzmann 11/06 4/5 Review
Secrets, Kristen Heitzmann 03/06 4/5 Review
The Atonement Child, Francine Rivers 01/06 4/5 Review
The Scarlet Thread, Francine Rivers 01/06 3/5 Review
The Still of Night, Kristen Heitzmann
(Sequel to A Rush Of Wings)
05/06   Review
The Witness, Dee Henderson 08/06   Review
Unforgotten, Kristen Heitzmann
(Sequel to Secrets)
04/06   Review


Currently Reading:

Praying God’s Word Day by Day, Beth Moore In process (This is a 1-year devotional book, so it will stay on this list until the end of ’07)
Thin Again, Judy & Arthur Halliday In process
Believing God, Beth Moore Read 12/06, but really need to read and absorb again. I am now reading parts of it for a third time and am wearing a beautiful blue bracelet made for me by my dear friend Shannon.

On Hold:

Thin Within, Judy & Arthur Halliday On Hold until I complete Believing God and Thin Again.
Men Are Like Waffles – Women Are Like Spaghetti, Bill& Pam Farrel Was reading it for a group discussion, but I never made it past the intro. Will eventually pick it back up. It does look good.

Read & Reviewed:

    Title Date
Rating Link to
Believing God, Beth Moore 12/06   Review
Nuts! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, Kevin& Jackie Freiburg 07/06   Review
Get Out of That Pit!: Straight Talk about God’s Deliverance,Beth Moore 03/07   Review
Ten Commandments Twice Removed, Danny Shelton & Shelly Quinn 06/06   Review
The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, Dr. Laura Schlessinger 10/06   Review
Velvet Elvis, Rob Bell 04/07   Review

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