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Walk: Day 41-Day 45

Half way through the 90 day challenge today!!

The walks continue. The time of day varies now, as it keeps getting darker, and the last few days, rainier. Today, snow. None of it is sticking, though, which is good. I’ve never looked so forward to the time change. I do think after this time change we should stop dorking around with the time though. There’s no need to “Spring Ahead” anymore.

Saturday’s walk was the best in a while. Sunny, with brilliant blue skies to contrast the fall colors.

I haven’t spent much time listening to podcasts or books this week. As I get further into my Tonglen practice, I find that my walking is giving me additional opportunities for meditation. As we get closer to the election, my energy is becoming more and more turbulent. My walks help me burn off some of the physical part of the energy, and meditating at the same time stills the mental energy.

One of the good things that has come with the cold weather is a renewed interest in making crock pot meals. Yesterday I made crock pot mushroom wild rice soup and fresh baked bread in my long unused bread machine. There are few smells as good as baking bread.


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Walk – Days 37-40

Monday was my first “after work” walk. Morning schedule didn’t work out. Not walking had me anxious all day. Such a perfectionist…that needs some work.

Monday 10/19 – Day 37 of 90

  • Busy day
  • Can’t remember if I listened to anything

Tuesday 10/20 – Day 38 of 90

The daylight is getting away from me in the mornings. Grateful to still be working from home and able to walk later without dealing with commute complications.

Wednesday 10/21 – Day 39 of 90

No tree pics today. A school bus was parked in front of my usual tree pic spot. Maybe they’re gearing up for the “return to learn” plan — except that was postponed yet again yesterday.

The walk was short but good. Can’t remember what I listened to.

Thursday 10/22 – Day 40 of 90

Lunchtime walk today! The rain this morning was prohibitive.


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Weekend Update


Walk – 35/90

Tonglen – 3/90

Four Limitless Ones

  • May all sentient beings enjoy happiness and the root of happiness.
  • May they be free from suffering and the root of suffering.
  • May they not be separate from the happiness great happiness devoid of suffering
  • May they dwell in the great equanimity free from passion, aggression, and prejudice.

Current Reading: Tonglen, by Pema Chödrön


Walk – 36/90

Tonglen – 4/90

Tonglen, or the practice of sending and taking, reverses this process of hardening and shutting down by cultivating love and compassion. In tonglen practice, instead of running from pain and discomfort, we acknowledge them and own them fully.

Tonglen, by Pema Chödrön, pp. 3-4


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Day 34


It’s so cold. Weather continues to change. Neighborhood is all about the Halloween now. So cute. Maybe I’ll try to grab some pics in the next few days. Just don’t want to be the crazy lady in the neighborhood (more than I already am!).


Finished listening to Pete’s book this morning. Sobbed happy tears at the end. So, so, good. Having listened Chasten’s “I Have Something To Tell You“, it just felt like a great “full circle” story. (The books are read by the authors themselves.) What makes me especially happy is knowing that even today Pete has not quit. He’s doing EXACTLY what he said he would do — everything in his power to continue to unify. I’m so proud to have been a witness to Pete and Chasten’s stories along the way, and consider myself a full-fledged member of #TeamPete.


I have started Tonglen meditation. Day 1/90.

Strive at first to meditate
Upon the sameness of yourself and others.
In joy and sorrow all are equal.
Thus be guardian of all, as of yourself.

Shantidiva, “The Way of the Bodhisattva”

To be continued.


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Days 32 and 33

The brilliant crisp sunny fall days may be behind us. The mornings are starting later as the days are getting shorter. This may be where my actual challenge lies – keeping my routine timeframe as it is still dark when I really want to walk. It can be done!

Day 32

Day 33

Continued listening to Trust. Still very much enjoying it, and am impressed with the passion Pete has for the American Project and returning to the intent of our Democracy.

As far as listening in general goes, the darker it gets in the morning, the less I feel comfortable being too focused on what I’m listening to. I only listen with one ear anyway, but lately, especially with the leaves on the ground, I’m much more aware of critters around me. I don’t really want to come face to face with any of the fox or coyote that live in the drainage pond area behind our home. (We hear the yipping late at night quite often!)


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Day 31 – On the descent

I think we’ve hit the peak of fall colors. The temp has dropped and my favorite trees are passing their prime and losing leaves. Still have a few trees turning, but there are a lot more leaves on the ground than not.

I think we’ve hit the peak of fall colors. The temp has dropped and my favorite trees are passing their prime and losing leaves. Still have a few trees turning, but there are a lot more leaves on the ground than not.

Today’s Listening:

Trust, by Pete Buttigieg
( Sample)

I really wish he had been our nominee.


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Day 30 – One month, still going strong

….well, still going at least. Allergies are flaring. Weather is indecisive. Day off. Planning to revive my quarterly review and vision plan. Covid-19 kind of killed that off for a bit, but it’s time to get things back on track.

“The Trees and Me”

Today’s Listening:

Pete Buttigieg’s, Trust (Audible w/Sample)


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Day 29 – “Rest day”

Well, my “rest” was to return to a basic loop around the subdivision today, rather than the longer path I’ve been doing. Getting shoes on, and outside still the goal. Mission accomplished.

Allergies have picked up. Mostly just that annoying drip that just won’t go away. Ugh.

Today’s (continued) listening:

Persons Unknown, by Susie Steiner (Audible)


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Day 28 – So far so good!

Interesting thing is happening, my walks are getting a little longer and faster each day. Being outside and allowing this walk to be as slow or fast as I want is really good for my brain. This 90 day project started with the only constraint of putting shoes on and going outside for “a walk”. No intensity goals, no guilt/shame for short duration or meandering. Only to be outside and walking.

Day 1 vs. Day 28:

While I am happy to see this improvement, I don’t plan or expect it to continue. What I truly am happy about is that I’m not missing out on the best time of the year. I have always loved fall, but it seems it flies by so quickly because I haven’t made a decision to go out and capture the experience of it in my brain.

So, if you’re hanging out with me on this journey, be prepared for a ton more “pretty tree” pics! 😉

Todays (continued) Listening: Unf*ck Your Brain, by Faith G. Harper (Audible w/Sample)


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Day 26 & 27 – A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Day 26

Another beautiful day.

Day 27

I started this post yesterday, and then, well, life happened. Work, more work, and Parent Teacher Conferences! It was a weird experience having 5 minute zoom calls all in a row, but all in all, it worked out. Everyone doing their best to live in unprecedented times.

Today’s walk was remarkably similar to yesterday’s. This is my absolute favorite time of year, and I’m so glad this challenge is taking place during the time I’m happiest to be outdoors. (If I could get rid of the seasonal allergies, that would make it even better, but I’m willing to pay that price to be out in the brisk fall morning!)

Based on the pics I took, You can tell which trees are my favorites! LOL. Who knew I’d get to the place where I’d have favorite trees… *smh*

Both days I listened to the same audiobook, but today I have taken off work! So I have time to write this post and drink my coffee more leisurely than usual! Hooray!

Today’s Listening: Unfuck Your Brain, by Faith G. Harper.

Currently Playing: Animal Crossing and Picross3 on J5’s Nintendo Switch 🙂

Ok, so I guess that’s got me all caught up for today. Time to enjoy my day off!


Burning bush
For Grandma F