Day 19 – Weather Matters

Ok, so, as the temps drop, and we haven’t turned on the heat yet, getting up in the morning is getting progressively more difficult.

As it is with “women of my age” a 3 AM trip to the bathroom is part of the routine. Now with the cold temps, getting back to bed and burrowing down under the big comforter, my sleep is deep and blissful until the alarm at 5:45a. Snoozing until my emergency **YOU HAVE TO GET UP NOW** alarm at 6:05a has become way too habitual, and if I let this continue, I suspect I may start snoozing the emergency alarm too!

Fall colors continue to pop out. The walk wasn’t quite as cold and dreary as yesterday, and it didn’t rain! Yay!

Along the way, I almost jumped out of my skin as a little black mouse(?) skittered along the edge of the sidewalk. I guess that’s ONE way to ramp up my heart rate during these walks…not my favorite. It was a fat little thing. Wonder if someone’s pet escaped or this is just pre-winter gluttony…

Today’s Listening: Pete B’s podcast with Colin Jost

As ever, people like Pete give me hope for the future of our country. I truly miss #ROTR & #TeamPete.


Day 18 – Ugh


Last night was distressing. Had to walk away from the TV and go to bed. Unbelievable.

Woke at 4a and my brain got started on the chaos. Finally fell asleep just before the alarm. It was so hard to get up. Hardest morning in a long time.

Saw a little bit of sun when I first left the house. Tried to catch it on my phone, but colors were very subtle.

About half way through my walk all sun disappeared and it started to rain. Fitting.


Day 14 – Tech Sucks

Ok, I totally give up. MMW dropped GPS about 0.2 mile in. Fitbit does well enough, it just doesn’t have the nice photo with stats sharing feature. Fitbit does require connection to the phone. At least my Fitbit Versa does. I think I’ve just found my Christmas Wish List item this year. Of COURSE there’s a new Fitbit gadget coming out! A girl can dream. πŸ˜€

Today’s Listen: Unfuck Nation with Gary John Bishop – Finding Closure and Getting Yourself Complete.

Note: I could only find a way to share this in a player by bringing in the whole podcast feed, so after some time, the one episode I listened to may not be visible/available.

Not All Growth is About Trauma… Right? Unfuck Nation with Gary John Bishop

Some people take an "eyes forward" approach to their life. Others, look back the way for answers. Which is best???Are You Ready to Unfu*k Yourself for Good?If you want to be the first to know when we drop new episodes, please take a moment to Follow or Subscribe to Unfu*k Nation wherever you listen to your favorite Podcasts.If you have a question for Gary that you'd like featured on an upcoming episode, you can click here to email him directly or leave us a voicemail on the Unfu*k Nation Hotline at (646) 450-3203.If you'd like to show your support for the show, we would greatly appreciate it if you would share the show with a friend or write a review for the show on Apple Podcasts.For more of Gary's content, you can click here to visit his website or you can connect with him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  1. Not All Growth is About Trauma… Right?
  2. Language is the House of Being
  3. You Are Not Your Body
  4. Integrity, NOT Morality!
  5. To Be at Risk is To Be Alive


Day 13

Ok, so I got the OOO (Order of Operations) figured out. Let MMW have the GPS first, then FitBit can figure itself out later.

Another beautiful fall morning!

Today’s Listening: Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us podcast with Ibram X. Kendi.

I’ve seen mention of Dr. Kendi’s book quite a bit over the last few months. This was a great intro and overview. I’ve added the book to my Audible Wish List. I was impressed by the combination of logic/data and personal vulnerability shown by Dr. Kendi in the conversation.

Celebrating the 15 year old kiddo today! He was a toddler just yesterday. Where the heck did the time go??


Day 12

Well, my tech still sucks, but I’m taking steps to debug. Tried launching the Walk tracker on my Fitbit first, then MMW, and MMW failed to connect to the GPS. Will test out the reverse order tomorrow. **crosses fingers**

Today’s Listening: BrenΓ© Brown’s Unlocking Us podcast

If anyone who happens upon reading this blog is feeling lethargic or depressed, I can recommend a cool morning walk to clear the brain. Clarity is one of my most desired mental states and this goes a long way!


Days 10 & 11

FYI – Walking is on track, posting about it is not! πŸ™‚

Day 10

Day 10

Tracker didn’t work. I think there’s a conflict between FitBit and MapMyWalk for using the GPS. *sigh* Can’t we just all get along and share?

This walk was without audiobook accompaniment. Head was too full of noise, and some days any additional input can push me over the edge into full crab. Yeah. Was at risk for this big-time today.

Day 11

Day 11

Today’s Listening: Pete Buttigieg’s podcast, The Deciding Decade – 9/23/20 Episode with Congresswomen Barbara Lee:

Walk went great. So much happiness being out in the cool morning, fresh air, blue sky. <3


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