The Cake Was Not a Lie

For J5’s 6th birthday, J4 and I decided to throw him a Portal birthday party.

[For those who haven’t seen or played Portal by Valve…]

To complete the game you solve complex puzzles to complete levels. The computer, named GlaDOS (who you hear speaking in the video above), talks to (and taunts) you the whole time. GlaDOS, while playing mind games with you, promises you cake, but as you proceed through the game, you find out that “the cake is a lie”.

Along the way, one of the items you have to use to solve your puzzles, and strangely get attached to is the Weighted Companion Cube. It looks like the regular Weighted Storage Cubes except for the little heart in the middle:

In order to win, you must defeat GlaDOS. Part of that process requires the removal and destruction of the “Personality Cores”. These four cores look like this:

After you defeated GlaDOS, you actually see the promised cake:

Game Image of The Portal Cake

For the party we put up Level signs all over the house. J4 even created a couple of “portals” that let you “look through” to other parts of the house. (I really wish I’d taken pictures of them…!)

We had Weighted Companion Cube and Personality Core cookies:

And we had cake. No lie.

@Celldweller Show at Reggie’s – Compiled Playlist

Two of the four opening bands were good — Prep School Tragedy and Cyanotic. We had seen them last year at Reggie’s. I actually think PST got better. Cyanotic was fine, but were not as polished as last time. They did not have any of their visual media, so the Cookie Monster Vocals (a la Brian Posehn’s Metal By Numbers) were a bit more noticeable.

The other 2 were really, really bad. Their horrible visual presence could have been forgiven if their music had been tolerable. It was not. I understand that some artists’ shock value (badly performed gratuitous nudity, “sacrilege”, depictions of violence, etc.) is part of making their point, but horrible music? Simply inexcusable.

In complete contrast, Celldweller / Klayton and Bret (Blue Stahli) were their awesome selves. It was the end of their tour, and you could tell they were ready to be home, but they put on a great show. Several people who attended were kind enough to up load their videos to YouTube. I’ve grouped them (as I find them) into the playlist below.

Note: You can see John’s head front and center in most of the videos. I’m to his left – usually marked by the glowstick in my hair, and glowstick bracelet (rocking out at about John’s ear height!).

We stuck around after the show to meet them. Nice and friendly as ever. Quality musicians.

Celldweller - pic with Klayton and Bret

Celldweller Show Clips


(From 2009) After a particularly long winter drive during which we played Blue Stahli’s ‘Antisleep Vol. 1″ several times, this became Jack’s new response to hearing “Overclock”

I Can’t Wait!!!

Celldweller in about 12 hours!!

There’s still time to get tickets here. Or just show up and pay at the door (hopefully!)

One of his new songs…aptly titled!

I Can’t Wait by Celldweller (Official)

The Chicago Code Theme – Wish there was more!

Here’s a snippet of a theme song that I can’t get out of my head. Love the show and love the song…I just wish Billy Corgan would turn this into a full song!

The Baristas are coming, The Baristas are coming!!!

Actually, it’s probably supposed to be The Baristas is coming…but it just didn’t sound right…

Anyway…I’m super excited that the sequel to Justin Kownacki’s internet TV show Something To Be Desired is starting on January 31!

Here’s the teaser: