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Points to Ponder

Random thoughts this evening:

Boundaries are essential to health. Know them. Establish them. Protect them. They make life so much better.

Intuitive Eating. A new pursuit with nothing to report except I’m well on my way to figuring out what I like and don’t. And the simple act of blogging about it is a trigger that I plan to stay far from in the near future.

I’m madly in love with two people. One I have been married to for almost 19 years, and the other I gave birth to almost 9 years ago. I am so very fortunate, and wise, and proud. I have chosen well, and love much.

Genuine friendships are extremely rare. I don’t have a lot of excess time, nor emotional energy to invest in extraneous friendships. I am realizing I do need more time with those few of great quality and can allow myself to let go of the ones that only drain emotional resources without ever giving enough of a shit to “give back”.

And finally, sleep is so necessary. At night I seem to completely forget that. So now I close…


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Small Celebrations

My morning glories are back!!

It may seem like a small thing to keep what some consider to be an invasive species growing where I planted them, but to me, it’s an oh so happy time!

The flowers, in the morning sun, have this glow about them that I just can’t seem to capture in pictures. Doesn’t stop me from trying though!

My Morning Glories

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Verge 2013 Live Today and Tomorrow

If you are at all interested in hearing the latest talks, music, etc., from the following:

Braille, William Branch, Brad Brisco, Mike Breen, Sally Breen, John Bryson, Caesar Kalinowski, Matt Carter, Francis Chan, Neil Cole, Jonathan Dodson, Todd Engstrom, Lance Ford, Michael Frost, Dave Gibbons, Brandon Hatmaker, Hugh Halter, Kim Hammond, Jackie Hill, Alan Hirsch, Aaron Ivey Band, Amisho Lewis, Dhati Lewis, Justin Lopez, Andy Kampman Ryan King, Seth McBee, Jimmy McNeal, John Onwuchekwa, Doug Paul, Kevin Peck, Dr. John Perkins, David Platt, Propaganda, Jo Saxton, Matt Smay, Michael โ€œStewโ€ Stewart, Odd Thomas, Adam Thomason, Courtland Urbano, Jeff VandersteltSee more

(People in bold are the ones I’m particularly looking forward to, but honestly, everyone I have heard so far has said something that made impact.)

Log into the Live Webcast here:

Oh, and it’s for March 1 and 2 only. Let me know if you hop on – I’d love to hear if anything resounded with you!

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Giving Thanks

Since this is another free writing night, I have been mulling over topic for a bit. Thought about trying to dig up some sort of writing prompt, but am feeling significantly under-motivated. Then I thought about writing a game review of Minecraft, since that’s what I’ve been doing with my time instead of writing this evening, but I’m not in the mood for that either. Playing Minecraft is a somewhat mindless distraction for me, when I play it in the evening like this.

So, since we’re about 4 days from Thanksgiving, I decided I’d just make a list of things I am thankful for at this moment.

  • 17 years of marriage to (and over 20 years of being together with) John (aka J4). It just keeps getting better, people. I’ve got no way else to word it. He’s my heart and soul mate. He’s a phenomenal father. He’s an amazing person.
  • Learning the mom thing with Jack (aka J5). This kid is built out of a piece of my heart. Never knew I could love a little human quite so much. Every day brings some new discovery, some new bit of humor, or builds another layer of patience. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Music. I have spent this afternoon drifting around YouTube after someone on FB linked me to an X Factor clip. They both were amazing. If you are bored, check out Carly Rose Sonenclar and Malaki Paul (kleenex warning on the second one).
  • Friends. The friends who listen as well as speak. The ones who do life along side. The ones who don’t need gossip in order to keep a conversation going. The ones who manage to be close even though they are far, far away. The ones who make us laugh. The ones who let us cry and discreetly remove the snot rags. The ones who can disagree without fighting or insulting. And the ones who will always be, even with no maintenance.
  • Sleep. That blissful state where one for a short time rests.

And with that, I am about to partake in that last one. See you all tomorrow!

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Gratitude – June 13

holy experience

I am thankful for:

  1. the practice of meditation
  2. sunshine
  3. monkey leg hugs
  4. my partner in life
  5. awesome babysitter in our neighborhood (a Mom’s dream!)

If you’d like to join the gratitude community, stop on over at Ann V’s blog, Holy Experience

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Gratitude – February 8

holy experience

  1. Insurance funds are coming through and will, in fact, put us pretty close to “even” to where we were before the accident that totalled the Jeep
  2. Poppyseed chicken & rice
  3. Counting down to a family vacation
  4. Escaping (thus far) the nasty bugs that have been going around
  5. A great preschool, and school district

If you’d like to join the gratitude community, stop on over at Ann V’s blog, Holy Experience

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Gratitude – August 2

holy experience

  1. Air conditioning
  2. The fun of planting flowers in the back yard – hoping to create a natural privacy screen
  3. The old Game Boy to keep a 4-year-old occupied during grocery shopping
  4. A solid weekend of getting stuff done, and getting exercise
  5. My hubby – I’m so blessed to not only love him, but like him!

If you’d like to join the gratitude community, stop on over at Ann V’s blog, Holy Experience

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Gratitude – May 20

holy experience

  1. Hot coffee in the morning
  2. Happy weather to walk around the neighborhood
  3. Quiet
  4. Sunshine
  5. The feeling you get when you’ve completed something you’d been procrastinating…

If you’d like to join the gratitude community, stop on over at Ann V’s blog, Holy Experience

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Blessings – BIG and small

Picking up again on my 1000 Gifts List as well…

holy experience

  1. The relief I feel reaching a break-through on a work issue my brain has been working on for a while.
  2. My father listened to his body’s warning signs and got to the hospital before he had a heart attack. Two stents later and he’s on a solid road to recovery
  3. Good neighbors becoming good friends
  4. Skype – it makes it so easy to feel genuinely connected to loved ones over long distances!
  5. My Kindle – my passion for reading has been re-kindled, and made so much more space friendly!

If you’d like to join the gratitude community, stop on over at Ann V’s blog, Holy Experience

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BIG-time Bummer

Headed out to go to work this morning, only to find that the battery on my car was dead. BIG-time dead. Not even a little click.

It’s been one of those days….but it ended on a great note:

I am married to a very handy man who loves me a great deal and took pity on me — he not only bought me a brand new battery and installed it for me, but he also gave me a “what to do if you have to jump the battery” lesson! Learn something new every day!

So, “yay” for happy endings!