21 Day Experiment

Modern medicine (yes, again) Gorgeous fall weather Cider

The weekend is here An evening of Scrabble with good friends Lovely weather

Seeing J5 so happy that we both were able to go to the 3rd grade Fine Arts Night at the school – so worth it! Another productive day We’re nearing the weekend!

Laughing with my sister Dinner with my guys A productive day

More conversations that light my brain on fire with options Snuggly bear hugs from my pre-tween The life we’ve carved out for ourselves

Having a friend who really gets me, and doesn’t need or want to change me Fresh perspectives The joy of seeing our son display our same weird sense of humor

Good friends for J5 Catching a couple of quick geocaches after lunch People in the world like Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo (I’m sorely tempted to list J4 and J5 as my first two items every day, but let’s just proceed with the knowledge that they top the list and the rest of these are

Modern medicine and naps Quiet weekends Being married to a man that I love to talk with

Chilly, bright, and fresh fall mornings Seeing how happy J5 is on a Friday afternoon with a friend sleepover scheduled for the weekend Those “just at the right time” messages that come through loud and clear.

Seeing the total adoration in J5’s eyes while he plays video games with J4. A quiet clean home Time in the evening to work on genealogy.