Thanks – 21 of 21

  1. The happy-looking-forward feeling that is surrounds the starting of a new job!
  2. That I made the right and most impactful decision of my life in 1992. I am choosing to take full ownership of the good decisions I made in the most difficult time in my life.
  3. That this list is complete. As much as I feel that taking the time to renew my awareness of the aspects of my life that are positive can be beneficial and therapeutic, I find that the forcing of a state of gratitude when my spirit isn’t in that place is drudgery. In fact, if I can’t “drum up” any non-standard (home and family) answers, the result is I feel worse. That being said, I take a moment to be proud of myself for completing the list and not just dropping it!

Thanks – 20 of 21

  1. The winds of change
  2. Heat. It’s freakin’ cold out.
  3. Flannel sheets.

Thanks – 18 of 21

  1. J5 got into Honors Math! So glad that he will continue to be challenged!
  2. I got a new book in the mail today that I’ve really been looking forward to reading!
  3. I was able to vote today!

Thanks – 17 of 21

– Lunch with my BFF
– Shopping at my favorite store (this is huge as I hate shopping)
– Vacation planning!!

Thanks – 16 of 21

  1. An uneventful day to try to counter the stress of this last week
  2. Time to binge catch up on a newly addictive show
  3. “Falling Back”

Thanks – 15 of 21

  1. A successful 3rd grade Halloween Party
    Click pic to see animation

    Click pic to see animation

  2. Toasty and tasty chili, made by a friend, as comfort food after Trick-or-Treating
  3. The anticipation of sleeping in!

Thanks – 14 of 21

  1. It’s almost Friday
  2. Those fun little moments when I look over at J4 doing something completely routine and think “Wow! Yeah, I really LIKE this guy…”
  3. 9-year-olds and their endearing weird little ways

Thanks – 13 of 21

  1. For as much as I resist change to my core, I am thankful for a change of perspective, for those moments when all the struggle and frustration of battles in my head ease, and I see something differently. For those moments of clarity, I am grateful.
  2. Roasted pumpkin seeds
  3. Those true, close friends that make life better

Thanks – 12 of 21

  1. That I have enough grace for myself to not stress over missing a day of posting my “thanks”! 🙂
  2. Another absolutely gorgeous fall day!
  3. Pumpkin carving with my guys!!

Thanks – 11 of 21

  1. A phenomenally beautiful day for our family photo shoot
  2. My little boy is growing up
  3. Hot cider with a cinnamon stick