SPVlog 2017.008 – Side rant

Veggie snacks and small rant about political topic.

SPVlog 2017.007 – Happy Friday!

12 lbs lost. Meal planning. Sleep.

SPVlog 2017.006 – Tip of the day: Make things easier

Just popped in to show the latest in my “make things easier” on myself plan.

SPVlog 2017.005 – Ramblin’

Big ass salads, veggies, CICO, whining because “it’s hard”?!?

SPVlog 2017.004 – Check-in, panda journal

Checking in, comments on staying present and getting organized.

SPVlog 2017.003 – Checking in, that’s about it

Hang in there. I’m here to check in and remind myself (and maybe you?) that picking up and continuing is the way to go!

SPVlog 2017-002 – Just for the sake of continuity

Nothing here to speak of today. I vlogged. Good enough. 🙂

SPVlog 2017.001 – Back at the Vlog; CICO = Money; Thanks Reddit!

Back at vlogging after a really long break. Sharing my thoughts on CICO comparing to saving money for a future purchase. Also talk a little about why CICO. (Thanks to Loseit on Reddit www.reddit.com/r/loseit/ )

Intentions for my 47th year

I am finding that the only way to change is to do things differently now. (Yes, seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? But it seems I have the tendency to think that “someday” I will do…[insert wonderful things here]. ) So, with a birthday coming up, decided it’s worth the time to take a moment and imagine what changes I want to make, and get them in front of me so I can start “doing all the things” now.

  • More Being, Less Consuming – Greatly reduce my social media time and spend it being present and interacting with the world around me. There’s so much to see all around me, and I know I’ve missed a lot. Good-bye Facebook app.
  • Flexibility and Strength – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – said someone somewhere. I’m fortunate that prevention is still possible. I’ve spent some time lately looking into the exercise styles of people like Max Shank
  • Read, Read, Read – I miss reading. My attention span has been reduced to scroll, scroll, scroll; simply scanning topics looking for something more distracting. I miss in-depth reading. I already have a stack I’m ready to dig into!!


Back to the Basics of Being Me

There’s a reason the title of this blog, Lundie’s Life resonated with me back when I got started. It’s because it doesn’t have a “theme” or “topic” that would constrain me in the future. It really is the core of my focus. This. Is. My. Life.

With my Mother-In-Law’s illness, and the recent death of acquaintances, I am reminded yet again that this life, and the way I live it is all will ever really “have”. Nothing is permanent. The only thing that I can truly call 100% mine is my life.

Of course that statement immediately triggers a “backlash” thought, a quote from the bible, “You are not your own, you were bought at a price.”1 I don’t believe this is true. I believe I am my own. I don’t have to struggle to be what someone else wants me to be, expects me to be, demands that I be. I just get to…BE. No more constant second guessing, measuring, struggling, losing, and failing to be enough. Enough is enough.

I’m rebuilding my confidence in my ability to “human”. To adult. To woman. To Lundie.

I’m working toward being solidly myself while feeling my feelings, and not reacting to stress in life by eating, hiding, avoiding or burying the emotions that come. Should be interesting. Messy, but interesting.

1. 1 Cor 6:19-20. That verse originally was used to evoke a sense of obligation. Why all the externalizing of motivation? Value was placed because of outside forces (e.g., bought by someone else) rather than a value placed on life itself.