Book Review – Revengers – Rating 6 of 10

by David Valdes Greenwood

Why this book?
The author is a friend of a friend, and I saw a FB post that made me want to read. I was super excited to dig in when it came. It did take me quite a while to read it. I fell out of my “reading mode” while mid-book and that did make it hard to finish. Overall, it was pretty good. Not sure I will continue with the series though.

Score Summary

  • Content: 7
  • Writing Style: 8
  • Re-readability: 4
  • Busy Life Scale: 5
My Review
Snackable? Not particularly. In fact I had to re-read a couple of chapters because I’d lose the flow of the scene. I don’t expect snackability with good fiction.
“Lundie” ending? No, and this really pissed me off. I wanted to keep reading the series, but won’t try right away if at all. Character attachment is huge for me, and if the loss of a character is too painful, I’m out.
Best thing? It was an interesting plot with the mysterious books and the dreams linking the characters together. I was quickly interested in following them through the adventure. I really did care about the protagonists. That’s a win.
Worst thing? The thing that made it not a “Lundie ending” of course, but no spoilers. In general though, there was a background thread of condemnation of their choices that I picked up throughout. Of course revenge is bad, but I wasn’t sure where the good/bad lines were supposed to be drawn. The wrap up at the end left me confused.
In some cases that could push me to buy the next book and keep moving forward, but that wasn’t the case here.

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