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Swedish Death Cleaning? Sure, why not?!

So, I had some down time between clients at the first of the year, and was able to re-paint our study. To prepare, I pulled all of the things out of the shelves into garbage bags, and dragged everything I could reasonably move into our bedroom and the hallway to make space. After the room was painted, and I put the furniture into a fresh configuration, I moved everything back from the hall and bedroom and piled it on the floor.



Granted, changing clients is nearly as much of a “life change” as changing jobs, so I’m really not giving myself too much of a hard time. I had really planned to tackle the task this weekend, but I just couldn’t want to. And here I sit, feeling the weight of the clutter.

I had saved this video sometime in the past couple of weeks, and tonight I finally watched it. Wow. I already knew the truth about why I was procrastinating, but it was nice to see it confirmed.

I will take my time, but I will get it done. I’m not just doing it for me, I’m doing it for my kid. That changes things.

I’ll share some before and after pics once I’ve tackled this particular mountain.


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Drawing – Day 001

And so it begins! I’ll be posting to IG (@LundieP), but may elaborate from time to time here.


As of now, I’m using a 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ Travelogue Drawing Book. I will probably need a second one before the challenge is over, but will wait to purchase to make sure this year’s project “sticks”.

I’m using a little “Mr. Pen” set in varying point sizes. I haven’t done much drawing with ink before, so I don’t yet have a preference. I am sure it will develop. Eventually, I might move into color. Time will tell.

That’s it for now.