Day 59 – Day 78

It’s been a rough few weeks. I walked. I got the ‘rona.

Here are the past 19 days in photo summary form:

So, yes, Covid-19 has hit our home. J4 is out of the quarantine range, and I should be able to call “All Clear” by the end of the week. It sucked the life out of us both. I still feel like I got the wind knocked out of me. But the last couple of days have been a bit better.

Initially, I thought I would “pause” my 90 day challenge, but I decided to keep going. Yes, I skipped a few days, but having the ‘rona was a good enough reason to take a break. It wasn’t for lack of desire to go out. Finally got myself outside today and it was lovely. I was exhausted when I was done, but the cold, fresh air was wonderful.

Yes, in one of my workout pics above (Nov 14) I forgot to end the walk tracker, then came inside and made bacon wrapped goats’ cheese stuffed dates. So that was the only pic I had for that day! They were scrummy! 🙂

Yesterday, we put up the Christmas Tree and that also qualified as a workout!

Here are a few other pics from the past couple weeks to enjoy! I particularly loved this chonky squirrel who really wanted me to just move on. He didn’t seem all that thrilled with hefting himself up the tree since he was busy eating!

Thanksgiving, sadly, was just the three of us. J4 made a wonderful meal, and I am grateful we were all together. It was also our 25th wedding anniversary. Go us! Can’t wait for us to get past this year, be healthy, and social again!


Day 46-Day 58

Day 46 (Oct 28) through Day 58 (Today, Nov 9)

The walking is going strong. Over the past almost 2 weeks we hit temps in the 20s and temps in the upper 70s. And tomorrow evening into Wednesday I think we are going to revisit the 20s. Well, Illinois is nothing if not variable when it comes to the weather!

Two Weeks of Walking Pics

Also in there, “Tortellini Crack Soup”, a recipe from my friend BK, blue skies, and a good luck lady bug. Finished off with a shot of Sabian in her usual spot waiting for me to get home.