Walk – Days 37-40

Monday was my first “after work” walk. Morning schedule didn’t work out. Not walking had me anxious all day. Such a perfectionist…that needs some work.

Monday 10/19 – Day 37 of 90

  • Busy day
  • Can’t remember if I listened to anything

Tuesday 10/20 – Day 38 of 90

The daylight is getting away from me in the mornings. Grateful to still be working from home and able to walk later without dealing with commute complications.

Wednesday 10/21 – Day 39 of 90

No tree pics today. A school bus was parked in front of my usual tree pic spot. Maybe they’re gearing up for the “return to learn” plan — except that was postponed yet again yesterday.

The walk was short but good. Can’t remember what I listened to.

Thursday 10/22 – Day 40 of 90

Lunchtime walk today! The rain this morning was prohibitive.