Days 32 and 33

The brilliant crisp sunny fall days may be behind us. The mornings are starting later as the days are getting shorter. This may be where my actual challenge lies – keeping my routine timeframe as it is still dark when I really want to walk. It can be done!

Day 32

Day 33

Continued listening to Trust. Still very much enjoying it, and am impressed with the passion Pete has for the American Project and returning to the intent of our Democracy.

As far as listening in general goes, the darker it gets in the morning, the less I feel comfortable being too focused on what I’m listening to. I only listen with one ear anyway, but lately, especially with the leaves on the ground, I’m much more aware of critters around me. I don’t really want to come face to face with any of the fox or coyote that live in the drainage pond area behind our home. (We hear the yipping late at night quite often!)