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Day 28 – So far so good!

Interesting thing is happening, my walks are getting a little longer and faster each day. Being outside and allowing this walk to be as slow or fast as I want is really good for my brain. This 90 day project started with the only constraint of putting shoes on and going outside for “a walk”. No intensity goals, no guilt/shame for short duration or meandering. Only to be outside and walking.

Day 1 vs. Day 28:

While I am happy to see this improvement, I don’t plan or expect it to continue. What I truly am happy about is that I’m not missing out on the best time of the year. I have always loved fall, but it seems it flies by so quickly because I haven’t made a decision to go out and capture the experience of it in my brain.

So, if you’re hanging out with me on this journey, be prepared for a ton more “pretty tree” pics! 😉

Todays (continued) Listening: Unf*ck Your Brain, by Faith G. Harper (Audible w/Sample)