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Day 19 – Weather Matters

Ok, so, as the temps drop, and we haven’t turned on the heat yet, getting up in the morning is getting progressively more difficult.

As it is with “women of my age” a 3 AM trip to the bathroom is part of the routine. Now with the cold temps, getting back to bed and burrowing down under the big comforter, my sleep is deep and blissful until the alarm at 5:45a. Snoozing until my emergency **YOU HAVE TO GET UP NOW** alarm at 6:05a has become way too habitual, and if I let this continue, I suspect I may start snoozing the emergency alarm too!

Fall colors continue to pop out. The walk wasn’t quite as cold and dreary as yesterday, and it didn’t rain! Yay!

Along the way, I almost jumped out of my skin as a little black mouse(?) skittered along the edge of the sidewalk. I guess that’s ONE way to ramp up my heart rate during these walks…not my favorite. It was a fat little thing. Wonder if someone’s pet escaped or this is just pre-winter gluttony…

Today’s Listening: Pete B’s podcast with Colin Jost

As ever, people like Pete give me hope for the future of our country. I truly miss #ROTR & #TeamPete.