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My 90 + Days 01 and 02

This IG post by Brendon Burchard inspired me. I have done a few challenges here and there. Some have clicked, (#Lundies100DaysOfHaiku2020), and some have not (#LundiesFall2020Squareathon). I think the difficulty has been in finding the right kind of challenge when I’m in the right headspace to engage.

So…this time around, I’m doing my own 90-day challenge just for me. #Lundies90DayChallengeSep2020.

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Do you catastrophize your dreams? Listen up! 📣 You’ve got a dream. But you’re WORRIED that if you fully commit to it, things could go wrong. It could crumble before it even gets off the ground. You won’t hit that big milestone when you’d like. My advice? Start small. Commit to that dream for 90 days and see what happens. What I see SO often play out is that people with great ideas don’t even START because they’re trapped by their own self-doubt. They expect way too much from themselves right away, but this mindset has the potential to STALL you. So take that first step. Anticipate good things. Give it time. Establish a check-in point at 90 days where you just evaluate your progress and see if it’s worth continuing. It doesn’t have to be so scary. And if things don’t work out? Don’t get discouraged. You learned something new about yourself! Now onto the next thing. 💪 #dream #challenge #mindset #hpxlife

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So, I have challenged myself to going for a walk, outside, every single day, for 90 days. My goal is 30 minutes each day, but just putting on the damned shoes and going out the front door is going to be 90% of the battle.


Day 1 – Pleased as punch…
Day 2 – Done

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