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Day 05

I’m absolutely LOVING the cooler temperatures. It’s definitely MY time of year.

Today’s podcast listening was another amazing one from BrenĂ© Brown. In this episode she interviews Sonya Renee Taylor.

The main takeaways for me were:

  • Any impactful change I want to make in the world has to be affected within myself first
  • Community is a big deal. (This one is something I will likely talk more about in the future.) I don’t have much of it right now, and want to change that. However, as an introvert, dealing with the realities of Covid, and not being part of an organized religion or any other group, I struggle to know where to begin.
  • Being in comparison mode is damaging to myself, and to the world, on a much bigger scale than I realized
  • Affirmation that the hiatus I was/am taking from Facebook and Twitter, and regular news feed notifications on my phone, is one of the best and most loving things I could do for myself right now.

There was a lot more in this podcast that resonated with me, but as I was doing the walking thing, I couldn’t take notes. Give it a listen, you might find something that feeds your soul a bit, and we can ALL use more of that right now.

Until tomorrow. Cheers.