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February 1, 2019

So, I had a phone job interview today. It felt pretty good. I have a couple of irons in the fire and I am spending my time taking seminars and self-study courses. I am also resting. I feel like I might have a mild case of PTSD. I have some down time to catch up on. 2018 was a hard year. It was hard on my body and my spirit.

I listened to a podcast that inspired me. It flipped some switches and got some gears turning. I love when that happens. I see more change in my near future. In a good way this time. It’s time. I’m stepping into my own shoes and they seem to fit. Let’s see what happens when I start to walk in them.

My dog has been drooling and barfing this evening. Not all that interesting blog info, but it’s part of what’s going on with me and so here I share.

Happy February!


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