SPVlog 2017.007 – Happy Friday!

12 lbs lost. Meal planning. Sleep.

SPVlog 2017.006 – Tip of the day: Make things easier

Just popped in to show the latest in my “make things easier” on myself plan.

SPVlog 2017.005 – Ramblin’

Big ass salads, veggies, CICO, whining because “it’s hard”?!?

SPVlog 2017.004 – Check-in, panda journal

Checking in, comments on staying present and getting organized.

SPVlog 2017.003 – Checking in, that’s about it

Hang in there. I’m here to check in and remind myself (and maybe you?) that picking up and continuing is the way to go!

SPVlog 2017-002 – Just for the sake of continuity

Nothing here to speak of today. I vlogged. Good enough. 🙂

SPVlog 2017.001 – Back at the Vlog; CICO = Money; Thanks Reddit!

Back at vlogging after a really long break. Sharing my thoughts on CICO comparing to saving money for a future purchase. Also talk a little about why CICO. (Thanks to Loseit on Reddit www.reddit.com/r/loseit/ )