I love swimming. The meditative qualities are the best part. That whoosh of kicking off the wall under water, seeing just how far I can go before I come up for the air and the first strokes. The rhythm of it. But not too monotonous. Alternating strokes each lap keeps it different enough. Helps me keep track.

lapswimonlysignI am even beginning to love the early morning part. Well, making that first move to put a leg out of bed and onto the floor is super duper hard, but after that it’s not that bad. I’ve learned the night-before-prep is critical. After that it’s just movements.

I’m not a fan of early morning chit-chat. There are some who clot on the stairs down to the locker room having 5am conversations, but I am not one of them. I pleasantly greet the other regulars, but that’s it. Nod at the lifeguard and then start my meditation.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Love and peace,

Day 3 of #Write31Days2016

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