Wandering into the Wonderful


I had an inspiring conversation this morning at the Y after swimming. Not 24 hours after I post I don’t like to chit chat in the morning. It wasn’t chit chat actually. One of the regulars is this delightful elderly Asian woman. She hums and sings hymns in the shower room. She’s actually very good and, I have to say, it adds to the meditative tone of the morning.

This morning, however, she stopped and asked me what the meaning of the words were in a book title she saw recently. At first I misunderstood, but over the next 5 or 10 minutes, we worked through the language barrier and had a very interesting time exploring the meaning of the words “wander” vs. “wonder“.

She said “thank you” several times for the language lesson, but honestly, that was the best conversation I’d had with a near-stranger in a long time. Not only did it challenge my communication skills in a new way, it has brought back an old interest I had in maybe volunteering as a adult education tutor or even an ESL tutor in some fashion. That would be kind of cool. Really cool.

Love and peace,

Day 4 of #Write31Days2016


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    As a teacher you are a natural! Maybe you have wandered into a new fulfilling passion!

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