The Space Within

I turned a corner in my meditation practice today. Continued listening to the audiobook “The Journey into Yourself” by Eckhart Tolle. I’m now able to see meditation as a positive pursuit of presence in the moment rather than a resistance to thoughts and distractions. I have always had trouble with the unpleasantness of resistance, and now this feels and works so much better.

Like looking at the starry sky at night, there are stars, and there is space. When centering during meditation, there are thoughts and then there are gaps. The gaps are where there is just “being”. “Being” not “thinking”. That “being” is me in the present moment. Now my meditation is less about pushing thoughts away and resisting them, and more about breathing and putting my attention on those gaps. The more I become aware of the gaps in thought, the bigger they become. Relaxation and peace sort of flow in and around. It feels more like relaxing my mental grasp of words and thoughts, and just resting.

I gotta tell ya. My life is currently more hectic than it has been in a long time, but somehow staying aware and awake in the present moment has given me respite. Moment by moment living is a really decent space to exist.

Love and peace,

Day 12 of #Write31Days2016

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