The song in my head:

Eon, by Celldweller

Testing out the early morning writing as opposed to end-of-the-day writing.

Fresh from my lap swim at the Y, I have more hope for the day. Not exactly rosy sunny glasses or anything, but somehow morning-person-hood is a little more positive. I supposed it feels like I’m getting ahead of the game, which isn’t exactly supporting my living-in-the-moment attempts, but if I’m going to be at all time-shifted, I’d rather feel ahead then behind!

I’ve been “face down and pushing through“, which isn’t all bad, but balancing that with taking stock and looking around is how I survive. It’s hard remembering that change is about the only thing I can truly depend on. My meditation practice is all about detaching so I don’t get a limb ripped off clinging too hard to any one thing.

Time to get light and peaceful. I think that’s why I like the pool so much. It’s just…float-y.

Love and peace,

Day 11 of #Write31Days2016


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    Love & peace right back at ya, Lundie!

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