Minimalist Game – What I’ve learned so far

  • Purging out whole closets can be fun – depending on how much stuff you’ve got to lose, you may want to save those for the later days of the game.
  • Since our linen closet is labeled and organized, it’s easy to assume what IS in there SHOULD be in there. I seem to hang on to a LOT of medications way past their expiration date, and since a lot of them are filed away nicely, I forget about them and re-buy them several times before I realize I’ve got plenty. Oops!
  • I’m starting to enjoy the few minutes I take to gather things to get rid of.
  • 20160110_125810aGetting rid of things doesn’t HAVE to mean throwing away, it can easily mean give away, just be careful to get them re-homed quickly. Stashing things to give away “somewhere else” can be dangerous if you’re prone to pack-ratting in a spare room. Years ago I got this set of nylon/mesh declutter bags that have been very useful in giving my items their appropriate new home based on my plans.

What is the Minimalist Game?