December 2015


2015 Reflection

Throughout this past year, I picked up a few nuggets of wisdom. Short statements. “Notes to self” that would remind me of how to live life a little better. Sometimes they were about how to relate to others. Sometimes about how to relate to me. They are written down on little mini post-its across the


Challenge Accepted - Minimalism Game

Starting January 1, I believe I will attempt the 31 day Minimalism Game as shared on the Rules: Day 1 – Get rid of 1 thing (take a pic of it and share on social media – use the tag #MinsGame) Day 2 – Get rid of 2 things (take a pic & share)


Labor of Love: Minecraft Creeper Crocheted Blanket

The Blanket The 4-1-1 Made with 576 “magic ring” started granny squares (magic ring start reference video below) Sewn together “invisibly” (reference video below) Finished with 4 rounds of single crochet in “Navy” Completed in 10 months (Started in February, took a break for 4 months over summer, restarted in October) Pattern for granny squares