Day 18 – Speaking Up: Owning It

I did something today that I never thought I would do. I freely told a distant (extended) family member about being in therapy. Yup. At a family event, I was simultaneously pulled into a conversation, and outed as someone who is a “worrier”. It could have been really embarrassing, awkward and uncomfortable, but surprisingly even to me, I just owned it, shared my story, and may have even validated someone else’s struggle in the process.

I am not ashamed of being in therapy. It’s actually an amazingly healing thing. Where else can you work out the stuff that keeps you up at night without having to concern yourself for the impact of your truth on the listener? As a recovering people-pleaser, this is critical. No judgement. Just review and assessment, then a plan of action. What’s not to love?

If that family member decides that this news is shocking and needs to whisper it down the familial lane…so be it. I hope it reaches someone else who can feel a little less alone or scared, and will get help for themselves!

And if that someone else could be you. Just do it. You are worth it.

31-days-of-speaking-up100x100 My topic for the project is “Speaking Up”.
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