Day 04 – Speaking Up: Verbal Processing

Sometimes I get really stuck in my head. It’s like my inner dialog starts becoming an echo chamber with lots of fear based word fragments that just get louder and more confused. This may be a by-product of anxiety, I’m not sure. Usually, it happens when my brain knows there’s a problem, knows it’s important, but hasn’t been given the time nor space to work through it.

What I need most when this happens is a patient listener who doesn’t automatically jump to problem solving mode. I’m actually very resistant to advice during these times because it just adds to the word salad in my brain and adds shame that I can’t figure my problems out on my own. (This is especially distressing when the topic is work related.) What I need most is to be able to just start talking and to randomly spit out things as they pop up in my thoughts and then evaluate them for truth and clarity, and then I can start to organize the bits into actual topics and needs.

I’m super lucky to have a spouse that is willing to play this role with me when I ask. (Of course it takes speaking up skills to ASK for this kind of listening favor, but that’s a different topic.)

How do YOU process chaos in your brain?

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