Day 03 – Speaking Up: Say the Good Things

Sometimes speaking up is just saying the good things that pop into my head.

Passing the same woman, wearing an adorable sweater, for the 3rd time as you zig zag back and forth at the grocery store – and finally saying “Hey! I really like your sweater!” That’s speaking up.

Noticing a super-NON-drama-queen friend subtly mention a struggle – and catching them in DM to say “Hey – how are you?” That’s speaking up.

Not all verbal and written contributions need to be big or dramatic or up front or public or loud. What if we just took the leap and quietly said all the good things to people when they occurred to us? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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    Love this topic! Words are powerful…thanks for sharing ways to use them well. Looking forward to more of your writing…

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    OK, now you have me hooked! You gotta write some more! Please!
    You have a great topic, and your posts are interesting, I can[‘t wait to read the next ones!

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