Day 02 – Speaking Up: Easier Than it Sounds

omg this is hard.

I wrote for a while, then started editing to make my thoughts more clear and ended up with only two sentences. That method is not working.

Things I learned today:

  • Some people are thoughtless, and make mistakes, but when you keep up communication, and extend a little grace, things can get back on track.
  • Some people are miserable bullies, and no matter how calm and rational and patient you are, they will still blame you for everything they can. (And in ALL CAPS).
  • If I suspect hormonal influence may inhibit my grace and patience, deferring interaction for 24 hours is a good idea.
  • There really ARE good people out there who know how to use logic, and have conversations, and be persuasive, and listen and everything all at the same time! It has renewed my hope just a little.
  • Listening to Brene Brown’s audiobook “Rising Strong” is one of the most wonderful and painful experiences. I listen to it on my commute and often will arrive at work, park, and sob.

Word of the day:
Definition: facile

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    You’re doing great! Let go and let the words flow. It isn’t a contest of who has perfect grammar or the most sentences… You are doing great!

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