For as much as I resist change to my core, I am thankful for a change of perspective, for those moments when all the struggle and frustration of battles in my head ease, and I see something differently. For those moments of clarity, I am grateful. Roasted pumpkin seeds Those true, close friends that make

That I have enough grace for myself to not stress over missing a day of posting my “thanks”! ) Another absolutely gorgeous fall day! Pumpkin carving with my guys!!

A phenomenally beautiful day for our family photo shoot My little boy is growing up Hot cider with a cinnamon stick

Modern medicine (yes, again) Gorgeous fall weather Cider

The weekend is here An evening of Scrabble with good friends Lovely weather

Seeing J5 so happy that we both were able to go to the 3rd grade Fine Arts Night at the school – so worth it! Another productive day We’re nearing the weekend!

Laughing with my sister Dinner with my guys A productive day

More conversations that light my brain on fire with options Snuggly bear hugs from my pre-tween The life we’ve carved out for ourselves

Having a friend who really gets me, and doesn’t need or want to change me Fresh perspectives The joy of seeing our son display our same weird sense of humor