Pursuit of Actual Communication


“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

I just read a great post on Ello (via @budnitz) that talked about fear. Feeling it, and getting back to work. I find that a large percentage of my fear is of communication. The unpredictability of others in response to my attempts at communication often causes me to err on the side of silence.

Where this causes me a lot of trouble is in the assumption of others that my silence (or lack of rebuttal) indicates assent, when my listening and nodding actually is to acknowledge the receipt of the information they are trying convey.

What I would like, of course, is for everyone else to change for me! I would like to be ASKED what I think, and listened to while I carefully formulate a response. I would like to not have to push through this wall of fear of having and expressing an opinion that may or may not be received well.

Since I am the only person I can actually change, it’s time to push through the fear of the permanence of words and allow myself to try them out more often. I believe actual communication can change lives. It’s worth pursuing.