“If nobody speaks of remarkable things,
how can they be called remarkable?”

–Jon McGregor

I read this today on one of my favorite blogs, Hands Free Mama. I am being nudged to write more, I think. 🙂


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    Should unremarkable things be written? (That’s why I stopped lol)

    And the remarkable stuff is too dark to publish.

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      Are you at least journaling?

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    Sorry. I just saw your question now. No I’m not and you’re the first person to ask. Someone else asked that last week after my little breakdown.
    Ive been reluctant to because does journaling give you answers back?

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      Journaling for me is an outlet when I need to feel heard, and need privacy. Free association journaling is best for me because I can type and type and type and my fingers typing keep up much more quickly than my handwriting does. For a while I was setting a goal like 20 minutes or 1,000 words just to get me past the hurdle of having something significant to say, and just SAY whatever I needed to. Are you WANTING answers? 🙂

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    Oops. Didnt see your reply til now. I promise to check the followup comment box 🙂

    I was wanting answers (although maybe more divine than otherwise). I think im more old-fashioned using a journal book. Why not? There’s blank pages just waiting to be written on.

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      I love writing in a journal too, but sometimes my brain goes so fast, my hand can’t keep up and cramps. Typing has always been pretty fast for me. Whatever works. For now, I write to see if I can get answers from within. It’s more a search to find out what’s going on in my head and giving me a space to begin dealing with it. 🙂

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