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Well, after a somewhat harrowing weekend of moving my blog from one host to another, I believe the transition was successful.

I’m once again contemplating a FB fast. Of course I probably should wait until AFTER the 25-year high school reunion (egads! really?!? 25 years?!?) at the end of this month. We’ll see. I’m once again exhausted by the slurry floating by on my wall and my brutal need to continue to scan for the redeeming bits of actual personal connection. It seems to get harder, rather than easier, as time goes by.

I think I’m going to have to search for a good blog (RSS) feed reader again. Ever since Google killed Reader, I’ve been sort of floundering from tool to tool and I know that I’ve been missing actual quality writing from people I really DO want to hear from. If any of you have a suggestion, PLEASE leave a comment!

On the religious vs. spiritual front, I’m still doing a lot of demolition and sifting. Feels good to breathe fresh air, and I’m enjoying the scenery. Other than that, I have nothing to declare.

Currently Reading:
Notes from (Over) the Edge: Unmasking the Truth to End Your Suffering
by Jim Palmer


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    Not sure an old codger can give advise on social media, especially due to the fact I could be part of the “slurry”. But here goes…. I’m up to 45 friends now and it is almost mind numbing, can’t imagine the plethora of blather that would come with having hundreds and hundreds of “friends”. My word of the day is glean. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Make it spring cleaning time then see if you can tolerate daily barrage. It might be easier to ignore the few that matter most….. if you catch my drift.

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    I discovered facebook has a huge downside when you “think differently” than the rest of your family. I was hurt to the core by family postings when the debate on Chick-fli-A’s donation policies to anti-gay groups. They voiced overwhelming support for the “wonderful man” who owned the company to even going out of their way to eat there twice a day to show their support. Here I am with a lesbian daughter who has built a loving family with her partner of 20 years and together they are raising my grandchild who means the world to me. How could they not appreciate how wounding those posts were? It was strange because that kind of anti-gay support is not something they would say to my face. But on facebook they were a chorus. This was my child whose life they thought so little of whose family is not worthy of legal protection. So waited a while then I defriended everyone saying I was tired of facebook. I’ve gradually added back a couple of people but for the most part I’m really done. There can be such a thing as too much sharing.

    This is probably too late but I use feedly for my reader and I like it. It works well and I can categorize blogs.

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      Yes, Gail! Exactly! I don’t necessarily want to create my own little echo chamber on FB, but I do want to be friends with people who can manage to not be so caustic! **sigh** And it’s the ones that purport themselves to be the most godly who end up causing the most pain…ah well. Live and learn.

      As for my reeder, I actually have ended up using Feedly the most, especially on my phone. Never too late to share good tech! Great minds! đŸ™‚

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