Internal Battle of the Conformist


I recently took a personality test for work and the results really didn’t surprise me: Lower scores in Dominance and Extroversion, higher scores in Patience and Conformity.

Conformity can be a strength in areas like Accounting where close attention to detail, and adherence to rules, are what keep things working smoothly. Where this can be a challenge, however, is when roles and responsibilities are less constrained by defined rules, and are subject to my own thoughts and opinions.

What do you do when your gut instinct and your natural tendency to conform, clash? Which part of you do you listen to? How do you move forward when there’s no clear “right way”?


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    My career interest inventory that I took last week for class showed me I’m a “Thinker” and an ‘Organizer’. Ironically I am oops was in a social job. I’m surprised I lasted ten years.

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    It’s never too late to play to your strengths and do what feels the most true to you!!

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