I feel like 2014 was a pretty eventful year. I’m sure I feel that way near the end of each year simply due to the holidays throwing us into a flurry of interrupted routines making things feel more chaotic than normal. However, the largest change this year was a doozy. After 10 years, I left

The happy-looking-forward feeling that is surrounds the starting of a new job! That I made the right and most impactful decision of my life in 1992. I am choosing to take full ownership of the good decisions I made in the most difficult time in my life. That this list is complete. As much as


The winds of change do blow. Yesterday I closed a chapter in my life. Left a company I was with for 10 years. At the beginning of next month I will start a new job, with a new company. I have been somewhat quiet over the past several weeks because it has taken a great

The winds of change Heat. It’s freakin’ cold out. Flannel sheets.

The seasonal guilty pleasure of Sprite Cranberry Zero Wednesday night dinner out with my guys Sleep, blessed sleep

J5 got into Honors Math! So glad that he will continue to be challenged! I got a new book in the mail today that I’ve really been looking forward to reading! I was able to vote today!

– Lunch with my BFF – Shopping at my favorite store (this is huge as I hate shopping) – Vacation planning!!

An uneventful day to try to counter the stress of this last week Time to binge catch up on a newly addictive show “Falling Back”

A successful 3rd grade Halloween Party Toasty and tasty chili, made by a friend, as comfort food after Trick-or-Treating The anticipation of sleeping in!

It’s almost Friday Those fun little moments when I look over at J4 doing something completely routine and think “Wow! Yeah, I really LIKE this guy…” 9-year-olds and their endearing weird little ways