Five Minute Friday (on Saturday): Tree

WikiTree - a FREE collaborative single worldwide family tree

Family tree is where my brain goes first. I’m becoming a bit of a genealogy geek lately. I inherited a trove of boxes of papers from my Grandfather, Robert Forman and I think he would be proud of what I have done with it so far. I have been back and forth with my desire to move my research out to the WikiTree project, but that’s a bit risky if I make that my primary source of information. I’m finally realizing the need to control what I have noted as researched fact, and secondarily donate my research for general use via the wiki.

It’s fun to imagine what all these people would think if they realized their facts would be the treasure sought by people down the genealogy tree. Did they have any idea that their basic facts would become gold?

I think it’s important to pass on information to generations down the line. To have some sense of the people you came from. Mostly, though, I do it for the feeling of connection with my Grandfathers, and for all the other people that have passed. To note their existance. To keep them remembered.

That’s what I think of when I think about “tree”. Putting roots down, passing on information. Finding connections with people miles and miles away. It’s just another thing to keep us connected. Recognizing that we come from the same places.

Now that we have DNA testing used in genealogy, it has become even more interesting to dig in and find connections!

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