Five Minute Friday: Together

Hm. As an introvert, this word at first makes me uncomfortable. Claustrophobic. There’s good together and bad together.

Togetherness can be cozy – like how I feel when J4 and I are in a really good conversation during a long car ride where we can just talk and there’s no pressure to be or do anything but be together. I am blessed to be married to my best friend in the whole world.

But sometimes “together” can feel trapped and exhausting. It’s not that way with everyone. Together when it’s just you and a friend having coffee together = good. Together when it’s a bunch of girls all riding together somewhere? I’m usually in the back seat looking out the window wondering how long until I can get home.

Enforced togetherness is the worst. Family functions based solely on convention and not a desire for face time? Kill me now. “Bonding exercises” that are obviously trying to make something happen that hasn’t happened naturally? No. Waaaay outside my comfort zone.

Surprise togetherness is pretty bad too. It takes me time to gear up and ferret away enough energy to endure a large social gathering. I need to choose it.

Ok, so time’s up. My brain just started unpacking the concept, but that’s enough for today. Plus, I’m about to have the welcome togetherness of my 8yo coming off the school bus. I actually miss the (not so) little guy today!

Have a great weekend!

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