Five Minute Friday: Red

theawesomeredbirdRed. Well this one is easy. It’s J5’s favorite color and his self-appointed Nickname. “RedBird” to be exact, as in the main “iconic” character in the Angry Birds family. We all have been given Angry Bird names. Matilda, Bomb, Chuck, Stella and the Blues, Balloon and Boomerang. There were whole weeks where J5 would only answer to Red. He had decided that J5 had gone to live with his grandparents for a month and would come back the next time they would visit.

So, rather than a color, “Red” is my son.

It’s fun when he’s in imagination mode. He crafts the rules of operation. He sets the parameters. Then he usually moves into game levels and scores. His brain just cranking away at the new game he’s creating. I usually lose track after the first few levels. The funny thing is he also intends to grow up and be a video game level designer and music creator. When he games here at home, he usually has the game on one monitor and iTunes on the other so he can orchestrate the mood for the particular level he’s making. Gotta love Minecraft. Infinite new worlds with infinite new options of creation. I think he would just live a Minecraft life if he could.

He wasn’t particularly thrilled with the “only 2 hours of alone gaming” per day limit we recently started to enforce. The suggestion was always there, but it can be amazingly handy to get things done around the house when he’s not talking to me about gaming levels or whining about being bored!

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