Verge 2013 Live Today and Tomorrow

If you are at all interested in hearing the latest talks, music, etc., from the following:

Braille, William Branch, Brad Brisco, Mike Breen, Sally Breen, John Bryson, Caesar Kalinowski, Matt Carter, Francis Chan, Neil Cole, Jonathan Dodson, Todd Engstrom, Lance Ford, Michael Frost, Dave Gibbons, Brandon Hatmaker, Hugh Halter, Kim Hammond, Jackie Hill, Alan Hirsch, Aaron Ivey Band, Amisho Lewis, Dhati Lewis, Justin Lopez, Andy Kampman Ryan King, Seth McBee, Jimmy McNeal, John Onwuchekwa, Doug Paul, Kevin Peck, Dr. John Perkins, David Platt, Propaganda, Jo Saxton, Matt Smay, Michael “Stew” Stewart, Odd Thomas, Adam Thomason, Courtland Urbano, Jeff VandersteltSee more

(People in bold are the ones I’m particularly looking forward to, but honestly, everyone I have heard so far has said something that made impact.)

Log into the Live Webcast here:

Oh, and it’s for March 1 and 2 only. Let me know if you hop on – I’d love to hear if anything resounded with you!